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Message from the Director of Our Hospital

Director of the Hospital Shigehito Sawamura

Thank you for visiting the webiste of the Medical Center of Teikyo University Faculty of Medicine

Director of the Hospital Shigehito Sawamura

In order to provide high-quality healthcare as a hospital utilizing advanced technology, all personnel at Teikyo University Hospital join hands to develop a hospital dedicated to accepting patients, adhering to the basic policy described below under the ethos of "healthcare in step with patients and their families."

1) We offer reliable, safe, advanced healthcare.
We aim to establish a system for delivering safer healthcare by enriching the functions of the Safety Management Committee and the Infection Control Committee. Various departments will cooperate under the direction of these committees. All staff at our hospital will make utmost efforts so that patients can undergo treatments with peace of mind.

2) We conduct patient-centered healthcare.
From the standpoint of patients, we provide healthcare tailored to meet each patient's needs, utilizing the latest medical equipment, apparatus, and high-quality technologies. Accordingly, we promote team-based healthcare to support patients, based on cooperation among all personnel, including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiological technologists, clinical laboratory technicians, clinical engineers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, and administrative staff.

3) We contribute to local communities.
As the leading hospital in the region, we specialize in providing healthcare for emergency and acute-phase medical care, cancer treatment, and advanced specialized treatment, in collaboration with neighboring medical institutions. In the realm of emergency and acute-phase medical care, we are committed to further enhancing the Trauma and Resuscitation Center, the ER Center, the Trauma Center, the Cardiovascular Center (CICU), and the Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Center. Additionally, we will address requests from patients in cooperation with local medical institutions, fire departments, and governments. Concerning cancer treatment, we have established a palliative care team in conjunction with the Cancer Chemotherapy Center and the Cancer Information and Support Center, to create a more comprehensive cancer treatment structure. Furthermore, specialists in all fields join hands to provide advanced, specialized healthcare.

4) We develop competent medical professionals.
University hospitals play a crucial role in education. As an infrastructure for clinical training and specialist systems, we not only possess advanced knowledge and technologies but also cultivate medical professionals with a rich sense of humanity. Above all, we will educate personnel so that they can attend to patients individually. In addition, our hospital allows medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, and others to be involved in healthcare as medical staff.

Teikyo University Hospital
Director of the Hospital Shigehito Sawamura