Teikyo University Hosiptial


Clinical Services/Features

Surgery deals with all surgical conditions such as: liver, biliary tract and pancreatic diseases, diseases for which endoscopic surgery is indicated, upper gastrointestinal diseases (esophagus, stomach, etc.), lower gastrointestinal diseases (large intestine, anus, small intestine, etc.), breast diseases, respiratory diseases (including the lungs and mediastinum), and abdominal wall conditions (hernias, etc.).
The experts in each field (specialists and preceptors) are responsible for providing patient-centered medical care in their respective fields. Treated diseases are often malignancies. We actively use reduction surgery and endoscopic surgery to provide treatment that can maintain post-operative quality of life (QOL). Chemotherapy is also used to treat advanced cancer. Moreover, we aim to maintain and improve quality of life by performing minimally invasive surgery, including endoscopic surgery, for benign diseases.
We can handle all surgical emergencies. We also aim to provide the best medical care under the supervision of preceptors.