Teikyo University Hosiptial


Clinical Services/Features

Pediatrics is the first department that children are seen by when they become ill. Our department focuses on treating pediatric diseases that are often encountered every day. Pediatric specialists play a central role in treatment at the general outpatient clinic, which is open six days a week from Monday to Saturday in the morning. We perform tests and treatment such as infusion at the outpatient clinic as necessary. Depending on your child’s condition, he or she may be admitted to the hospital for treatment and testing. We have also created a system to accept critically ill patients with seizures and impaired consciousness, and we have put our efforts into secondary and tertiary emergency care.
Our specific areas of expertise include neurology, allergies, endocrinology, metabolic diseases, nutritional management, cardiovascular medicine, immunology, hematology, malignant tumors, nephrology, and development, and we have specialized outpatient clinics for each area. Our hospital also has a perinatal medical center designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Our NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in charge of treatment of newborns with a low birth weight and other conditions accepts patients referred by local obstetricians for inpatient care.
We always recognize the importance of medical care ranging from the emergency response to acute diseases to long-term management of chronic diseases and pediatric health care that protects the healthy growth of children. We would like to help enhance community-based care of child health and development.