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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Clinical Services/Features

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery mainly provides surgical treatment for patients who have deformed areas close to the skin surface due to congenital abnormalities, trauma, tumors, etc. The scope of treatment covers the entire body from head to toe.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Teikyo University Hospital also treats all sorts of diseases related to the body surface. Of note, we treat many cases of facial bone fractures since Teikyo University Hospital has the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Center. In addition, our department has teamed up with breast surgeons to perform many breast reconstructions.
Recently, the number of ptosis surgeries (including congenital ptosis) has increased rapidly, reaching approximately 100 cases per year.
In addition, in the field of congenital abnormalities, the treated diseases mainly include cheilognathopalatoschisis and polysyndactyly, and in the field of tumors, the removal of malignant skin and soft tissue tumors and reconstruction after surgical excision. In the field of special diseases, we are actively working on osteotomy for craniosynostosis, such as Crouzon syndrome and Apert syndrome, and jaw deformities.
We are also focusing on the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and surgical treatment of facial palsy in collaboration with Internal Medicine and Vascular Surgery. In addition to surgeries under general anesthesia, our department performs surgery to remove various small tumors such as atheroma and minor trauma surgery under local anesthesia as outpatient services.