Teikyo University Hosiptial


Clinical Services/Features

Otorhinolaryngology at Teikyo University Hospital has consistently specialized in otology and audiology, and we cover a wide range of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery fields that include emergencies.
We have made improvements in various aspects of ear treatment, including modernizing operating room equipment and reducing surgical invasiveness (for early healing). In particular, the new hospital has a surgical microscope in each outpatient treatment room.
We particularly accept many referred patients with intractable otitis media, performing surgery to treat the extensive spread of cholesteatoma almost every week. The surgical procedure used by our department is to completely remove the lesion by opening the middle ear and then reconstructing the external auditory canal to its original size (devised by the first professor), which is advantageous for lesion control and improves post-operative healing. We actively perform stapes surgery and tympanoplasty for hearing loss that can be alleviated through surgery, such as otosclerosis and middle ear anomalies, and we have achieved good results.
For untreatable bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, the specialists, speech-language-hearing therapists, and certified hearing aid technicians will fit hearing aids at the hearing aid outpatient clinic. For patients with severe hearing loss who are unable to use hearing aids, we perform cochlear implantation surgery (we have experience in surgery and treatment/support since the early days of cochlear implantation).
We perform endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis. For perennial allergic rhinitis and hay fever, in addition to minor outpatient surgery, we also actively perform inpatient posterior nasal neurectomy (to stop sneezing and runny nose) and inferior turbinoplasty (to alleviate nasal congestion).
Head and neck tumors (malignant and benign) are mainly treated by head and neck surgeons with an emphasis on QOL. In particular, radiotherapy, which is essential for the treatment of head and neck cancer, is performed in close collaboration with radiologists.
We will continue to make further progress in both specialized fields and regional medical collaboration.

Establishment of the Hearing and Language Center

Our department has specialized in otology since the time of the first professor, Junichi Suzuki, and we haves had sufficient equipment and personnel to collaborate with other specialized facilities. We have now established the “Hearing and Language Center.” This will enable smoother collaboration and joint research in the field of audiological diseases (on diseases of the ear and hearing). We have already started working with several audiology professional organizations, and we plan to gradually expand the scope of collaboration in the future.