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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Clinical Services/Features

Internal Medicine at Teikyo University Hospital consists of specialty groups/divisions, including Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, Hematology, Metabolic Diseases/Hyperlipidemia/Diabetes/Gout, Infectious Diseases, and Rheumatology/Collagen Diseases. Please refer to individual pages for information on Cardiology, Palliative Care Medicine, Tumor Medicine, and Neurology.

Internal Medicine outpatient services are provided at outpatient clinic No. 21 on the second floor in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday and in the morning on Saturday. Cardiology, Palliative Care Medicine, Tumor Medicine, and Psychosomatic Medicine also provide clinical services at outpatient clinic No. 21 on the second floor. Neurology provides outpatient services at outpatient clinic No. 23 on the second floor. More than 60 doctors, including professors, associate professors, and senior lecturers, are in charge of Internal Medicine, which specializes in gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, nephrology, hematology, metabolic diseases/hyperlipidemia/diabetes/gout, infectious diseases, and rheumatology/collagen diseases. Specialized outpatient services are available almost every day of the week, providing highly specialized treatment of diseases in the area of internal medicine. We also have a Help Desk for an initial consult with Internal Medicine for patients who are unsure of the specialty they should see for their treatment. Internal medicine doctors also work in close collaboration with ER doctors to provide emergency treatment in the ER.

Each internal medicine specialty cooperates to form a medical unit in the ward called General Internal Medicine to provide treatment in the ward. In the General Internal Medicine ward, specialists in infectious diseases, diabetes/metabolic diseases/endocrinology, rheumatology/collagen diseases, and nephrology as well as specialists in cardiovascular medicine, gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, hematology, and oncology provide treatment of a wide variety of diseases. The Cardiovascular Medicine, Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Oncology, and Hematology groups also have wards they operate.

Thus, in Internal Medicine at Teikyo University Hospital, specialists from each internal medicine specialty group work together seamlessly to provide clinical services in the outpatient clinic and hospital ward. For information on the internal medicine specialty groups, please refer to their homepage.