Transportation to our hospital

Arriving by car

Arriving by train Arriving by bus Arriving by car

Two underground parking lots are available (capacity for 215 cars [fee parking])

Parking lot is complimentary for inpatient and outpatient arrivals for the first 100 minutes (thereafter, 100 Yen per 25 minutes)

Please present the parking ticket to Inpatient Center or Settlement Window 7.
(* Please be noted that discounted parking is not available to visitors and for extended inpatient waiting time.)

Parking information (by Times 24)

Hospital road information

Arriving by Ikebukuro Route of Metropolitan Expressway 5

From the exit of Itabashi Honcho, turn in the direction of Nishi Arai on Loop/Belt Route 7, via under the Yamato Rikkyo at which point Route 17 and Loop/Belt Route 7 intersect. (Continued below to Arriving by way of Loop/Belt Route 7)

Arriving by way of Loop/belt Line 7

  1. 1. Take the service road at the front of Ubagabashi Rikkyo, and head straight to Jujo station / Oji direction on Route 455.
  2. 2. When you come on Route 455, take a right at about 200 meters, which is at the first traffic light at which there is a sign for 「帝京大学病院入口」.
  3. 3. Take a left at the fork, go through the first immediate traffic light that reads 「稲荷台」, and take a right at the next traffic light at which there is a sign that reads 「帝京大学病院前」.
  4. 4. Go down the hill, take a right at the fork (traffic light for 「帝京学園角」), move forward along the river, take a right at the fork, and then you will come to see a parking lot entrance at your right.

If arriving by taxi from Jujo station

Taxi stop is just outside the north exit of Jujo station