Transportation to our hospital

Arriving by train

Arriving by train Arriving by bus Arriving by car

JR Saikyo Line, Jujo station (10 minute walk)

Map from the station to the hospital

  1. 1. From the north exit, go left.
  2. 2. When you come to a big street, go right.
  3. 3. After few minutes, you will see a traffic light that reads 「帝京大学入口」 and a 7-11 to your left.
  4. 4. Go left onto the narrow steet in front of the 7-11.
  5. 5. When you go down the hill, you will see our hospital building to your right at the fork.

Train platform information

  • Car 4 on the reverse bound route (Saikyo Line, Akabane/Omiya directions) will stop near the north exit ticketing gates.
  • Cat 7 on the forward bound route (Saikyo Line, Shinjuku/Shinkiba directions) will stop by the escalator and rising staircase. Car 5 will stop near the escalator. There is no elevator.

Tokyo Metro Mita Line, Itabashihonmachi station (13 minutes by walk)

  1. 1. Leave the Sugamo direction train platform from exit A1.
  2. 2. With 『17号線』 on your right, go in the direction of Sugamo (left).
  3. 3. Go about 400 meters. Take a left at the first traffic light.
  4. 4. At the intersection (there is a dental clinic in front), turn right.
  5. 5. Go about 200 meters in the direction of Sugamo, and turn left at 「いたばし」 bridge.
  6. 6. Go few minutes along the river, and you will see our hospital building coming up to your left.

Train platform information

  • Both Car 4 for the Meguro direction and Nishitakashimadaira direction will stop near the ticketing gates. There is an elevator at exit A1.